You are the Oracle

Through healing your mind, body and soul along with radical self-awareness, you will help to raise the consciousness and unity of your soul, self and entire planet

 Embracing and connecting to your inner oracle 


This 12 week program is designed to empower and connect you deeper to your inner knowing. Through shadow work, breaking down limiting beliefs, visualizing that fulfilling and impactful existence, you will truly begin optimizing your spiritual gifts and channel to work FOR and WITH you, bringing you back home to your Self and Soul.

If you have been craving something more and something larger than your current reality, then your soul knows it is ready for something new. 

I'm ready for the new reality

Does this feel like you?


☽ You believe in something larger than you... a bigger meaning?

☽ You know that there is more out there, calling you and waiting for you?

☽ You have struggled with limiting beliefs, negative self talk, and blocks but are ready to move through this into a state of love and compassion.

☽ You find yourself feeling stagnant and wanting to feel that fire and passion for life that burns inside of you.

☽ You are wanting to set stronger boundaries for yourself so that you can feel empowered.

☽ You are wanting to heal yourself, and through this, the collective and this planet.

☽ You want to become more knowledgable about your unique spiritual gifts and inner oracle.

☽ You want to heal from root events, situations, ailments that are keeping you from your potential.

☽ You are ready to tap into your power, connection and higher self.

I am Ready

Camille Y.

You are the Oracle felt like therapy combined with a deeper spiritual practice. Heaven is easy to talk to and instantly feels like a friend. Each session gave me space to connect with my highest self and truly become her. In addition to monthly Reiki energy healing sessions, Heaven offered enjoyable homework throughout the program that has given me tools to use for the rest of my life. 

I went into this program with one ginormous goal that felt so far in my future. Halfway through the program, the door to my goal opened. By the end of the program, I had successfully reached my goal. My manifestations have accelerated and I truly feel ultimate stillness that I wish for everyone to feel during their human experience. This investment not only bettered my relationship with myself but with my partner, my friends, family, colleagues and even my spiritual team. 

If you are feeling low, experiencing lack, or if you simply want to learn about yourself, I simply cannot recommend working with Heaven enough.

Sarah N.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Heaven and her spiritual coaching program You Are The Oracle! Her program connects you with your inner child, explores your shadow and higher selves, teaches the difference between true fear and the ego, ways to feel safe and secure at any moment, and so much more. I learned how to tune into my intuition and heal myself through Reiki. I made life changing decisions based about our conversations!

Heaven is a true gem! She teaches with kindness and is always willing to hold space for you and listen without judgment. Our weekly sessions felt more like conversations than coaching, but boy did I learn. I can honestly say, I would not be where I am today without her spiritual coaching program. I'm forever changed by You Are The Oracle!

It takes 1 ripple to create a wave, to create an entire movement

A reference that I come back to often is the ripple effect, the butterfly effect. When you say yes to your own healing, you are also saying yes to the healing of the collective and the healing of the entire planet. In a recent study, it was found that individuals on average have 12 social interactions a day. 12 souls/day that you can positively impact through your own self awareness and healing.

I am Ready to Create a Wave

When you say yes...


☽ You will immediately feel the transformation taking place as your energetic body shifts into a new reality

☽ You will easily be able to tap into your inner knowing

☽ You will be able to truly envision and grab that life that you dream of

☽ You will feel like you can breathe as you will have a wider support team to carry you

☽ You will feel safe and held through a transition of your old paradigm shifting into your new paradigm


Let's Shift Realities

Hi, I am Heaven Leigh


I have decided to fully embody my name with my work... Heavenly. I am a Reiki Teacher + Spiritual Coach who has a deep passion, thirst and drive to heal this collective with the power that is connection.

I spent so many years disconnected and in return I ended up with a plethora of health issues and a lack of happiness. The moment I decided that there had to be something more, was the moment that I received just that... the gift of connection. The gift of intuition. The gift of spirituality.

A large part of my purpose and my mission on this planet is to show YOU the life that you can lead. Through deep healing, we get a deep understanding of what that life looks like. We begin to hear ourselves, our wants, our needs, and our biggest goals. When we begin to hear ourselves, we also begin to objectively hear the things that are stopping us. 

Through my method, I will bring you through the finding of your Self, through your shadows and have you coming out of that light at the end of tunnel not only feeling better, but living better.

Spirituality is not just a lifestyle that we come and go from. It is us. It is everything. It is our connection. 

I have helped hundreds of people to change the way they heal themselves and then magically... as that ripple effect goes... the way we heal this collective... Are you ready to become one of them?




The Method

Phase 1: The Fool

You are ready for this new adventure, now it is time to ask... What does your body and mind crave in this life? What is your vision and purpose on Mother Earth? We begin diving deeper into what your passions are, what your calling is and what you are really here to do. Clarity of your current reality in order to move into your ideal reality is key. 

Phase 2: The Empress

The breakdown begins of what your intuition sounds like when it is speaking to you and what resistance may be popping up keeping you in avoidant with your True Self. We also start to look at the creative body and how to tap more into this. What thoughts get in the way when you try to connect with yourself? What voices are the loudest within your mind? 

Phase 3: The Hermit

The journey of self reflection begins. This is when you really do start to dig deep within your conscious mind, subconscious mind, traumatized mind and free yourself from stories that are limiting you. You will be letting go of your fears, your shadows and past experiences. You will start to recognize your Higher Self and your Spiritual Guides speaking to you, and showing you the ideal path to your envisioned reality. 

Phase 4: The Tower

What are the root causes to things keeping you held back? We go deeper into pain points, stories and energetic baggage that you are holding onto. You start to release the old foundations that are no longer serving you. You allow the old version of you to be released as you step into the new version.  This creates space for the new you to enter. The new you to be welcomed. 

Phase 5: The Moon

Your intuition will be your driving force. The voice you listen to first. We will begin having you look at the illusions that have been released and feel really clear and connected with your Higher Self. Your life will flow with abundance and connection. You will step into your nurturing, creative and intuitive body. 

Phase 6: The Sun

The light at the end of the tunnel. You will be set up with the tools, guidance and knowledge to show up in your life with confidence and feeling empowered. You will be able to say that you are in the driver's seat of your life. You will meet the reality where endless opportunities for your expansion exist.

+ More


✔ 1:1 access to Heaven throughout the entirety of the program through private text + voice messaging

✔ Meditations, embodiment practices, NLP practices, breathwork journeys

✔ Receive your Level 1 Reiki Training

✔ Guest experts to support your spiritual journey throughout the program

✔ Reiki sessions for your own healing 

✔ Custom affirmations & journal prompts specific to your needs

✔ A sacred group chat with the other women in the container to build community and safety

✔ Additional opening + closing ceremony


Your soul is ready to expand and heal, it is up to you answer the calling.

Claim the Expansion

Salma V.W.

I signed up for Heaven's 3 month coaching program and it honestly changed my life in the most spiritual, raw & positive way! When I signed up, I was very mis - aligned, stressed and overwhelmed with events in my life pertaining to my career and personal life. Heaven intuitively and carefully supported me by, helping me sort through my emotions and removed the "junk".  She helped me to come back to my true self, my essence, my soul. It was honestly such a deep & empowering experience and I am so glad that I now have tools to keep on going in my life. I am still on my journey and I am happy to say, that she is still supporting me and I feel I have now gained a friend too. Heaven is honestly such a genuine, caring and loving person. I highly recommend her program if you are looking to come back into alignment with your true self in the most spiritual and magical way. 

Kiesha C.

You are the Oracle CHANGED.MY.LIFE. I started the program to find my confidence again, heal from my autoimmune condition, deepen my spiritual connection and begin to live the life I had always dreamed of. The weekly sessions with Heaven were thought out, tailored to my specific situation, and were the highlight of my week. We dove in deep and I learned so much that I will use for the rest of my life. When I had a life changing event occur Heaven was right there by my side and I was able to come out on top. I couldn't have done it without her guidance and encouragement. I know this program was put in my life at the perfect time. I am forever changed in the best way and so grateful for it. My life did a full 360. I've never felt better, my confidence is back, and I'm starting to live the life I knew I always deserved. Heaven, you changed my life forever and I'm so grateful for you and this program! 

Megan L.

This testimonial has been a long time coming and I am finally putting my thoughts into words. This program has honestly changed my life! I said yes to You Are The Oracle in the spur of the moment and haven’t regretted it once. Heaven had become my Guiding Angel through my
transition during this program. I was able to come more into my own. To start listening to my
High Self and Spirit Guides. To my intuition. It has reignited my drive to start writing again!
To live my life how I want to live it. I cannot be more thankful to Heaven for guiding me and
giving me the support that I needed. If you are ready to take back your life and connect to your spiritual side; I highly suggest enrolling in this program. Thank you so much Heav, I couldn’t have done this without you!

 Are you ready to step into and embody your higher self?

Full Body YES.